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Originally Posted by elle View Post
see, to some feminists among us, reading stuff like this is so offensive. why would anyone have to open the door for all these women who are way ahead of Nicks, in any and every sense? before her, bigger than her, selling way more than her (if commercial is what is of primary importance), way more groundbreaking than her? i mean some of them are not in at all, and there are several on your list that should be in twice already! it's completely ridiculous. i know this is heresy on these boards where Stevie is on high pedestal for people, but try and be realistic for a moment.

yes, way more women should have been inducted and many way more deserving are not even in once. and RnRHoF indiction committee shouldn't have been given a choice of either Cyndi or Benatar or Nicks like they apparently were - and those women on the nomination committee shouldn't have gone with that false choice of just one woman among them.
When I said Stevie Nick's induction as a solo artist would hopefully open more doors for other female artists, I didn't mean Stevie exclusively. If Diana Ross had been the first woman inducted twice, I would have said the same thing. Hopefully, by inducting a female artist twice now, it will happen more often. I don't care who the first woman inducted twice is, I'm just happy it's finally happened, no matter who it was.
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