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Originally Posted by elle View Post
talk about reading comprehension problems. i didn't suddenly change from hating LB to liking him.
Yeah, but your views on Christine and Fleetwood Mac sure took a sharp turn. Iíve been very consistent. Iíve never claimed that Mick, John, and Christine werenít my favorites. They are the band in my eyes, and ability to read liner notes.

But, I never hated Lindsey. He annoys and disappoints me and I didnít appreciate his passive aggressive comments about the 87-96 lineups, but he was still one of my heroes.

As for Fleetwood Mac, Iím still indifferent if Stevie and Lindsey are in the band. I was happy with Billy Burnette and Bekka Bramlett. Iíd love nothing more than a club-theater tour where they would just cut loose, but its not my livelihood on the line. Or the livelihoods of others.

i was always here as a LB fan. you on the other hand went from "FM better without Stevie" to defending her up and down every social media outlet you can find. it's a weird turnaround.
My world doesnít revolve around Stevie-Lindsey/White Spy-Black Spy thing. Are Mick, John, and Christine playing together? Iím in.

Iím neutral about Stevie, but the numbers donít lie, no matter what I think. Stevie worked at stardom, Lindsey worked at artistry, and Mick, John, and Christine worked at keeping the band going. Stevie is the star, Lindsey is the artist, and the others still have a band. The genius in their latest move is that they still have their artistic credentials with Neil Finn, who has ten more studio albums than Lindsey.

And, while I thought the band should have parted with Stevie, I never thought she owed everything to Lindsey. I always acknowledged that she worked hard at developing her own brand, largely by doing duets that had her working with people outside of Fleetwood Mac and becoming a viable entity outside of the band.

The biggest thing I have always maintained that Stevie and Lindsey walked into an amazing opportunity. Fleetwood Mac was well established, had regular radio play, had been on TV, had been in the music press throughout 1974, were managed in-house, and were on a major label that liked them. Lindsey didnít hit a home run, the band was already on third.

you are concerned about people's jobs, supposedly. and about people not being fired on a whim. well, maybe it's not just LB who gets fired on a whim with those people.
I was a roadie and studio assistant for six years. Not a professional roadie like Fleetwood Mac have, as could be expected in indie rock, but I still had to work with management, promoters, workers at the venues, sound guys, lighting guys, and the band itself. That said, management should clearly explain what the expectations are upfront in situations like Fleetwood Mac.

Still doesnít change the fact that more people have jobs with this tour than if Stevie wasnít there.

and yet you are here all day every day. and you either have notifications set up for my posts, or you are on facebook all day every day too, because whatever group or page i post in, 5 minutes later i get a notification someone replied to my post and guess who that is? you certainly seem to have all the time in the world to hunt down what i post about FM. very weird. or i guess i should be flattered since apparently i'm worth your time more than members or ex members of FM and their backing band.
Well, thereís a lot of dead time dealing illness and being a caregiverÖDonít humor yourself, I only reply to what comes up on Facebook. That said, still rich coming from someone who runs at least one Facebook group and who stalks anyone remotely connected to Fleetwood Mac. I only post here and on the Fleetwood Mac News group, and very occasionally the Mike Campbell Fans group.
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