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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
I'd like her to finish out with a final small, intimate show in a theater or club, where she wasn't belting out big and loud to a large audience. I'd like it to be filmed and performed almost like in a small jazz club or something where the performer feels like they are performing for close friends and not for a screaming arena full of strangers. Her music at its best is intimate and personal and I've always wished she had done that kind of small intimate show. Her storytellers show came the closest to that vibe, but none of her tours really have. She should have her early musicians-- Roy Bittan, Benmont, Sharon and Lori and her, around a piano with maybe drums and bass and not much else.
I think thatís a great idea.
She could use her voice in a quieter way, without her voice being so strident,
she would have a greater range. She would sound fabulous in a bluesy, jazzy, folksy club.
Film it and release it.
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