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Default 50 Years ago today (4)

Fifty years ago today, Fleetwood Mac recorded a session for the BBC. From the seven recorded songs, 'Bee-i-bicky bop blue jean honey baby meets high school hound dog hot rod man' can't be found on YT. This version of 'Sweet little angel', very much inspired by B.B. King, luckily ís available.

January 16, 1968 session:
1 Talk to me baby (a.k.a. I can't hold out) [BBC version #1] (W.J. Dixon) 2:25
2 Sweet little angel [BBC version] (H. Whittaker, R.B. King) 4:27
3 Bee-I-bicky-bop blue jean honey baby meets high school hound dog… [BBC version 3] (J.C. Spencer) 3:21
4 Where you belong [BBC version] (E.R. Boyd) 2:18
5 Don't be cruel [BBC version] (O. Blackwell, E.A. Presley) 1:40
6 The sun is shining [BBC version (E. James) 3:01
7 The world keeps on turning [BBC version] (P.A. Greenbaum) 2:40
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