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?????? Wow!!!
Jondalar, I just Found this. Los Angeles Times!

Guitarist Gets Probation in Child Pornography
October 16, 1998
Community News File / A summary of developments across
Los Angeles County | Courts and Government
Guitarist Robert "Waddy" Wachtel, who has worked with Linda Ronstadt and Fleetwood Mac, was placed on three years' probation Thursday after pleading no contest to possession of child pornography.

Wachtel was ordered to make a $2,500 donation to Children of the Night, an agency that helps runaways. In addition, he must undergo six months' counseling with a psychologist.

A similar charge against Wachtel's wife, Annie, was dismissed at the request of prosecutors.

The district attorney's office said the illicit material was discovered after Wachtel took his computer to a shop for repairs.
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