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I only was two at the time of its release, so I have no idea what kind of marketing Behind the Mask experienced. But I've come on here before to say that I think it could have been a better seller if it had been marketed to both pop/AC and country stations. A la Taylor Swift, hahaha. Most of the songs not written by Christine have country and blues flavors, and I feel "Love Is Dangerous," "Freedom," and "When It Comes To Love" would've seen success on those charts. Think about it - Bon Jovi found itself success diving into country music within the last several years, even if only for an album, so why not FM then? Maybe there was more reluctance in the early nineties to change marketing angles.

That being said, the album is not as strong as Tango, and I would argue Time is better (which also should have been a)released in '93, and b)marketed to country stations.) "Do You Know," although I'll sing to it, is one of my least favorite songs by Fleetwood Mac, no doubt. The lyric is just...meh. But "Save Me" and "Skies The Limit" are strong Christine songs. I remember falling for both, but particularly the former, when I first got the album in 2005. I loved watching the video.
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