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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
Lindsey would of turned Skies is the Limit into a masterpiece. The song does not work as is.
I like the song as it is. I love the crack of the drums and the upbeat tempo of the song. It also showcases the harmonies of all 4 singers. Its not Lindsey, Stevie, and Christine but its still pretty good.
The song was purposely peppy and upbeat since Chris thought the album was too dark. IMHO you can tell the song was written in a hurry because its not the best lyrics Chris can come up with. "We can hit on a nail, and when we do I'll think about you."
Its good but not the catchier stuff Chris has written.
I love the optimism of the song. I also love the video and captures FM live on the BTM tour. Christine and Stevie wore the shortest skirts of their career on this tour. They both had the best legs in rock n roll. I forget how old Chris was in 1990 but I was behind her in concert on the tour and her legs were incredible. She had the legs of a 25 year old who used the stair master every day
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