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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Yes, I would love to hear Christine's version of the story about her mum. Stevie said the mother said, "you will find it on Orange Grove" and that Christine assumed that she would be in Florida around orange groves when something momentous happened. Little did she know.

Regarding As Long as You Follow, I'm not sure it's better than Skies the Limit. At any rate, the two of them should not be on the same album, so if they swapped ALAYF in, they'd have to omit Skies.

I'm not sure what I think about the ALAYF video. On one hand, I like the band being inside of a small apartment with all of their large instruments playing away. Certainly, the neighbors should call the police on them for noise pollution. But I suppose the neighbors were preoccupied with their romantic problems.

I just couldn't get into having strangers appear at the heart of the video story. Although, I know there are lots of great music videos where the artists aren't at the center or don't even appear in them.

But you know ... that's just it, the 1975 line up of FM had such a magnetic appeal. They really look so good together. You know that shot of them on the beach with their winter coats. I was so drawn to it. Those 5 were made for video. I wish they'd done more conceptual videos together. It's not too late though, no matter what their age.

Lindsey would of turned Skies is the Limit into a masterpiece. The song does not work as is.
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