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Originally Posted by elle View Post
of course, some of the bands doing what he seems to be describing do a half-crappy job when they are putting the songs together on the stage, many band members don't remember the song or what their part would be, drop the song in the middle when they realize they don't remember or recognize it, etc. others actually rehearse upfront all these different songs and do a fabulous job. so it can go either way.
My Morning Jacket does this (mixes it up, not a half-crappy job ). The songs all sound great, so they obviously either rehearse them all well or just remember them because they never let them get dropped in the first place. They play every obscure song from their catalog, and each night the set list is completely different than the night before. And with 6 studio albums, several EPs, and a bunch of cool covers, they've got a lot to choose from. It makes it so much more fun for a fan to walk into a show and have no idea what's going to be played and then get to hear songs that you think they'd never do live. Plus, I'm sure it makes them more money to do this as fans will want to go to multiple shows. Then again, I could probably see 5 MMJ shows for the cost of 1 FM show, so maybe that's why FM doesn't care to do something like that.

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