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Originally Posted by Street_Dreamer View Post
Too Much Is Not Enough was featured in the laserdisc documentary of the making of the 1984 album, just as an instrumental though. There isn't a copy of the actual song floating around and since the song didn't have any vocals on the laserdisc, it's my estimation that it never was finished since it wasn't going to fit on the album.

We Were Lonely was on Todd Sharp's 1986 LP Who Am I. You can download the album at the link below. I personally transferred the album from LP to digital format.

Todd Sharp - Who Am I (Features Christine and Billy)
I Want Something More
I Don't Want To Leave You
Young Man
We Were Lonely
I'm The One
I'll Never Let You Go
The House Next Door
Alone But Not Lonely
Now I'm Strong
Don't Change It

Thanks Matt! I barely remembered that there was a laserdisc! Can't say that I ever saw that. I do, though, have a murky VHS copy of the concert that was released on video...the one that featured the very funny video she made for Love Will Show Us How. How sad that these have fallen into complete obscurity, likely never to be reissued in any other format.
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