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Any guesses on the 3rd disc? My bet is it's the audio of the Shake the Cage tour concert filmed at the Cow Palace in San Francisco in 1987 and released on vhs and DVD as Tango in the Night Live.

This would be interesting, since Lindsey had left the band and was replaced by Billy Burnette and Rick Vito during this time. But it would fit the pattern of the other deluxe editions. I'll only buy the 2 CD version UNLESS the new release features other songs not included on the original release, like the Tusk album had. If it's like Mirage, with only the audio of the original concert with no extra songs, forget it.

Is anyone else perplexed as to why this album is announced so much closer to the release date, when the other albums had months of notice? And why the hold up on what's on the 3rd CD?

After this, the white album will be next to get an expanded edition.

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