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Originally Posted by golddustwoman77
Well, I don't really dislike any of Christine's songs, but if I had to pick one, there is something about "Everywhere" that I just don't like. It is one of my least favorite Mac songs.

What she said. I liked The Dance version better than TITN, if I have to choose!

I have to tell my story about Temporary One, though. My 7-year-old daughter called it the "ol' sissy" song. I was like...???? She thought that when they sing "and the sea that divides us is a temporary one..." they were singing "ol sissy" instead of "us is a." I rolled.

"The river flows on and on and the sea that divides ol' sissy temporary one and a bridge will bring us back together." Try it, you'll see. Of course, now that song will forever be called the "ol' sissy" song at my house.........
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