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Originally Posted by justcrazylove View Post
Wow, the hypocrisy, are you body-shaming the self-anointed queen? I thought it was in poor taste to discuss the physical appearance of the band members?

When will this ****ing tour be over. I've had enough.
I don't know who said it was in poor taste but I really don't care.

Stevie - a bit fat
Lindsey - jeans are too tight
Christine - too much fake tan
Mick - can't stop getting his balls out at 72
John - never smiles or talks, never shaves
Sharon - looking very old these days
Lori - can the red hair already
Mimi - looking even older than Sharon
Brett - is he even there anymore?

Hell, that Japanese drummer is the only good sort they've had over the past fifteen years. Oh and Harry Styles - who as I said elsewhere, can have a head job anytime.
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