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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
She was ready to kick him out the moment Christine re-joined the band. It was very well orchestrated by that evil little witch.

At the end, she got what she wanted, right? Right? Maybe not. Maybe all she wanted was Lindsey’s undivided attention and now she got nothing.
I take issue with this. Stevie is not physically little, for a start. In fact she is a teeny bit fat.

On your other points, she was incredibly happy at the 02 Arena in 2013 with Lindsey AND Christine, I highly doubt in 2013 she was thinking about kicking Lindsey out.

She didn't want Lindsey's undivided attention. She wants him to go away, isn't it obvious. I think all the thigh touching and shoulder tapping in interviews as recently at 2015 just goes to show she was trying to make him feel uncomfortable.
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