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Originally Posted by secondhandchain View Post

Why are Democrats always trying someway to shut down free speech. I think you just don’t like me because I’m a Trump supporter. One of the few vocal ones on this board who are proud to say so. You find my existence offensive.
Whaaaatttttt???? You can say whatever you want. But this IS A public forum with a COMMENT section, so expect replies. DUH Meanwhile your hero wants to do this. And I can say whatever I want to. The man is a POS. Yesterday he said dems "hate vets" "love crime" and praised a congressman who body slammed a reporter. The man is HEINOUS. Oh and he also said that dems have actually created the caravan in Mexico. What a lying, sack of you know what. Did you know he's to busy to visit the troops? Bush and Obama went multiple times. He's "too busy". SWING! Time to go to one of my golf clubs!

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