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Originally Posted by madformac View Post
I haven't posted here for many years but thought this might be something to add here.

Danny died in his sleep from complications of pneumonia. He had been battling it from earlier this year but couldn't beat it unfortunately. He was cremated and his ashes returned to his family.

He was only 68 although many of those later years were quite hard and Danny did battle with alcohol as has been documented. He spent a number of those later years in and out of hostels in the Soho district of London, ironically very close to Denmark Street and the heart of London's music history where the band played many early gigs.

I have my views on Danny and the way he was treated by the band before he was thrown out but this isn't the time or place for that.

Let me just say he was a magical talent and in many ways he and Peter Green were two parts of the same jigsaw. Their playing was magical and Danny was a very gifted songwriter and singer as well as a guitarist. Tragic he went the way that he did. Hopefully he will be at peace now.

Thank you.

Many thanks for the update. Good to hear he still had some family contacts (whether he was actually in contact with them or not) and its reassuring to know he passed away in his sleep. Cheers.

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