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Originally Posted by daniellaaarisen View Post
He's been a mentor figure for the past two years and people are widely aware of that. He's done the same thing with my writing and I don't see a problem with him asking for feedback in return . The emotional aspect of it was unexpected-- and fine. I go to a relatively small private school where this type of stuff isn't normal, but isn't shunned, either. I have two teachers who I am very close with (the other is female)-- babysit their kids, get lunch on weekends, they've come to my house for dinner-- my parents are aware of it, my classmates are aware of it and the school is mildly aware of it. Even so, I am one Dani from California who goes to a private shool and has abnormally close student-teacher relationships. If someone wants to report it, have fun trying-- I think that is outrageously nosy and ridiculous, and I will be deleting some friends if anyone else considers this a legitimate concern.

I consider myself so, so lucky to be able to have these relationships. Sorry it weirds you out.
I think it's cool that you have mentors. In today's world, teachers are generally not able to show any special interest in their students, and it's a shame. You are obviously a very bright and unusually talented girl and I imagine that most of your teachers find you to be a breath of fresh air. That being said, you called this teacher "sexy" and said you were "obsessed" with him. Whether you mean that in a girlish crush type way or not, I'm quite certain that he is aware, even if only slightly, of your feelings. In light of that, sharing with you such personal information is inappropriate.

ALL THAT being said, no one is going to call DSS.
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