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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
WAAAAHEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY Eurovision 2018 is almost upon us.

I love the UK entry; Storm performed by SuRie...
Sadly the bookmakers dont rate her chances of even being top 15.

Bookies favourite; Cyprus
I just don't get it

I'm loving Ryan Reynolds' Eurovision rant
Yes, a much needed and refreshing change of topic.

I like UK's song and I really don't like Cyprus song, the girl reminds of the lead singer of that US group named Pussycat Dolls whose timbre I found irritating; however she's very beautiful, I'll give her that.

Italy entry this year is an engagé song from two Italian singer songwriters that revolves around the theme of terrorism and peace, I liked it but I haven't heard it much on the radio:

P.S. Ryan Reynolds just gained my respect

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