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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
It's the final of Eurovision 2017 tonight. Tell myself every year not to watch but I know I will.

UK bookmakers are making Italy's Francesco Gabbani the favourite. I can see why, its totally infectious...

The UK doesnt stand a chance and will be lucky to get into the top 20. This despite us having a decent song for once; Lucie Jones' Never Give Up on You...

I think Azerbaijan and Moldova will also do well...

and second favourite is the sweet Portuguese entry...
The portuguese guy is a good and sensible performer.
The Azerbaijan one is a tad bizarre bat a good performer.
The sax guy from Moldova truly is epic.
The UK girl from X Factor is good but she has the same problem of Italy's girl of the last year, who also was from X Factor; they're generic good crooners.
As you said Gabbani's Occidentali's Karma is infectious, but also upon listening more closely to the lyrics you can discover that it's a smart and ironic song, there are also a couple of nods to famous works of science literature among the new age cultural references. I'm glad for once it's not a stupid song to be on top of the national charts. Also he's proven to be a good showman, the Gorilla idea was very smart.
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