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I grew up around hunting and I don't understand the people talked about here. I don't remember any joy other than well we have something to eat. We valued it highly, duck and deer and so on. These people waste for some odd enjoyment. I'm sure my grandfather had some feelings of regret or respect missing from the above? Deerskins went on to someone else, feathers for pillows, antlers for racks of various kinds. I know back then the men wanted to be accurate to avoid any suffering, and the animals lived real lives up to then and not a factory for meat/fur/leather. With 11.2 billion people forecast by 2100 I can't imagine there'd be any room.

I enjoy watching the deer and squirrels in the yard at my parents' home but I also wouldn't hesitate to eat them if I had to, and I read both Bambi and Timmy Tiptoes as a child. I helped butchered, pluck and clean. I support Bear World in Idaho when I can that rescues cubs and also provides as decent a home as possible for various wildlife.
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