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Originally Posted by David View Post
Let's hope we don't start seeing trigger warnings on the Ledge. If sensitive people are especially squeamish and they see a thread with the subject "Hunting & Meat," how about they take matters into their own hands and move on to the next thread? It's easy to take care of yourself—with a little practice! (Too many people these days want someone to tie their shoes for them.)
I asked that because, being this a relocated thread, at the start I had posted the picture in question in my other thread wanting to explain why in my opinion Ted Nugent isn't a respectable person: (
Since I haven't read anything in the forum rules about explicit violence photos posted for informational purpose I do not think it's forbidden, but, after having reflected upon it, I deleted the picture and mantained simply a link to the article because after having said that that man is insensitive even if lawful I didn't want to commit the same mistake.
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