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Originally Posted by BLY View Post
As I hate to see this day but I really do think the live full shows for her should end. A one off of doing Landslide every know and then is fine but itís time to retire from the live performances. I know Stevie likes to stay busy which does keep her young. I think itís time to focus on the other stuff......recording,writing,drawing etc...
Your opinion of her retiring is hilarious. Yes it would be sooo nice if she would retire her live show and spend her golden years singing songs she has never done live before. And the ultimate dream would be a different set of songs each show. And then release the Rhiannon soundtrack with songs recorded in the 1970's and her journals without anything edited out. But as a Stevie Nicks fan my fairy tale will never come true. It's gonna be the same ole live show until she drops dead on some stage somewhere in 2054 when she's 95 and dies.
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