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Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
After the last tour John basically said he's not gonna keep doing this for much longer.
He was talking about tours of that magnitude, not touring in general.

Stevie will have whatever solo trek she'll do next that will, as per usual, take roughly 2 years.
Thatís what remains to be seen, IMO. I could just as easily see things going well and clicking, inspiring Stevie to record with the band. With Lindsey out and Mike in, I think thereís a different approach to recording that might be more appealing to Stevie.

And I read that Mike Campbell has plans to record or tour or both with his other band for right after this tour.
That album is already done. It took eight days to record. Albums donít have to take a year to make, hence my above comment. If they approach an album with that spirit, then I think thereís a good possibility of new music.

And sorry, but nobody cares about Neil Finn.
Not at all true. In certain circles, especially the indie crowd, he was probably the most compelling part of the story.
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