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The role Todd has assumed is nothing short of a parasite.
And, that Mick is in on this grieves me and makes sense. It hurts my heart.

Forever in the past I would say, "Yes, I love Stevie, and Lindsey, but, I would rather meet Mick than any of them cause he is friendly and seems to dig talking bout things, etc."

But, guess what? I forgot that he has these needs, like having babies when he has children who are almost past child bearing years....what was he thinking? God, imagine what braces for the twins teeth are gonna cost in a few years....and their 401-K? Well, that would be their 401-coKaine and that investment went south. They have to retire someday, right? I am just so thrilled that Mick considered ME, little ole ME worthy to fund his retirement/new daddy/bankruptcy beat away need. I am not worthy. ::giddy::
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