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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Yes, I know it was down for 2 days. I am just saying that it's not as if it's down every week or even every month.

I can remember early on that I did something in maintenance, can't remember what, but I caused it to go off line and lost a bunch of posts. Marty, the site founder, was having a children's birthday party and his brother-in-law was over at the house with him and they both had computer skills and they uploaded the site from a back up and got it back online for me. It was crazy.

And as Nancy said there are server changes, every time you change to a new server, if you don't back up and then turn vbulletin off completely, then you will lose unsaved data.
I'm sure you'd have a better idea than me...but the figure I had in my head was about once a month. My perception may be off though.

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