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Originally Posted by cbBen View Post
Musicares probably wasn't even the final straw. They just needed to wait until it was over before they could make changes.
Does anyone know how far in advance a band is told that it's going to win the music award? A month? Three months? A few weeks?

Originally Posted by cbBen View Post
So in Stevie and Mick's mind the demand to delay the tour was the impetus for the breakup, while in Lindsey's mind that's a lie because he had agreed before his firing to accommodate their preferred tour schedule. (The thing is, however, that without the Musicares event, the band would have probably fired him sooner, before Lindsey backed off his request to delay the tour.)

One thing's for sure: They should never have let him delay his solo album and tour if they knew they were going to fire him regardless.
Another thing is for sure. The idea that a Buckingham solo tour would ever postpone a Fleetwood Mac tour by anything more than a few months is ridiculous. Even now, as an ex-member, Lindsey isn't touring for more than five or six weeks, right? Five or six weeks is nothing in Fleetwood Mac time.

These claims that Nicks made that his solo tour would keep Fleetwood Mac hanging for six or eight months are asinine.
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