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Originally Posted by lovethemac1 View Post
This is sooo sooo true, and at the real root of the whole debacle. I truly believe she wouldn't want Tom seeing this side of her. And from all I have read about Tom, even though I don't know him personally, I have gathered he was the type of guy that would have been mortified at such actions.
If you read Warren Zanes biography of Petty, you will see how much he values loyalty. He put up with an abusive marriage (as the recipient of the abuse) for over a decade before cutting things off.

He put up with heroin abuse by Howie Epstein for over a decade without letting him go until Howie just could not do the gig, barely showed up for a few concerts. He overlooked fireable offenses from Stan Lynch for seven years (arguably more, if you count failure to execute in the studio) before finally pulling the plug. One manager his entire career.

It may well be he was not one to judge others for doing otherwise, but he obviously lived his life placing a high value on loyalty.
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