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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
SYW got 3 votes, and '75 NOTHING?
That's bass ackwards!
For me, Lindsey's songs from the '75 & Rumours albums are flawless... but those contributions are almost cliche and middle of the road compared to Lindsey's later works.

Mirage is Lindsey's low point, IMO. He's totally thumbing his nose at the backlash from his Tusk experiments by contributing utterly inoffensive & completely boring songs.

Tango is one of Fleetwood Mac's best albums, IMO... it's every bit as good of a pop album as Rumours & Mystery To Me. Oddly enough, when you look at the songwriters individually, they don't hold their own compared to their other albums.

In a strange twist of fate, I think Lindsey's best material is found on the 2 Mac albums where I feel Stevie's resides as well: Tusk & Say You Will. For me, those 2 albums are where Lindsey really flexes his creative muscle, and is probably most himself. Tusk is the band's masterpiece, IMO. In opposition to Mirage, I feel Say You Will is a terrible album, yet when you look at the songwriters individually, it's some of their best works of their careers.