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35. Bombshell, grade C+ = this movie is about the sexual harassment scandal at FOX news which triggered the Me Too Movement. It’s not 100% true. There are made up characters. It’s choppy. One of the made up characters storyline played by Margot Robbie doesn’t even work. The best thing about this movie is Charlize Theron, who does a great job of playing Megan Kelly. She deserves awards. Nicole Kidman plays Gretchen Carlson. I didn’t buy her performance. John Lithgow gives a great performance as Roger Ailes.

The movie aimes to make FOX news look as bad as possible and is totally one sided. Hollywood hates FOX news because it’s conservative and beats the liberal news stations in the ratings consistently. I kept thinking where is the movie about Matt Lauer and NBC news? He raped women but Hollywood will never make a movie about that because it makes liberals look bad.
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