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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
I seem to remember a Christine interview in the late eighties or early nineties where Christine said Lindsey was using weird drugs I think. But that was after Carol. I think Chris was talking about psychedelic drugs. Well, if she divulged that about him I guess I forgive him for telling the world she was “fragile”.
...and in the recent documentary on CM, she volunteers info on Bob Welch being a "heroin junkie" the whole time he was with FM--though she "had no idea about this at the time." I'm not sure if that is accurate. He certainly struggled with heroin addiction later, but not sure if it happened between 1971-74. Life in Benifols seemed pretty close-quarters so it would have been hard for him to hide that from the band.

I guess if Welch and Weston could divulge to the world her long-kept secret affair with Martin Birch, then she could be forgiven for sharing the heroin junkie info.
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