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31. Knives Out, grade B - = I liked this movie more until I realized it was just illegal immigrant propaganda. All the white people are greedy and self obsessed, while the illegal immigrant is selfless with a heart of gold. They should of kept the social commentary out. Hollyweird just canít help themselves. This is a well made murder mystery with nice twists throughout and good acting. But movie goers donít need preached too or bombarded with sneaky messages. We want to forget our troubles. The director must think we are stupid.

I wonít buy this movie.

P.S Just saw Frozen 2 = Almost the same thing. The good guys are nature loving Indians and the evil doer is white Anglican people. Like I said, Hollyweird just canít help themselves. Why donít they talk about how the Aztecs used to behead people in their ancient rituals.
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