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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
Each to their own. I enjoyed this very much. I know what you mean when you refer to it being a 'Made for TV biopic', but I think that's largely down to some of the British tongue in cheek humour they've deliberately built into this movie. Perhaps it doesn't translate that well to American audiences. When I watched it here in the UK there was a big round of applause at the end. I think the issue is this isn't a film about Freddie Mercury...its a film about Queen. It's made by the remaining members and perhaps that serves to sanitize things a bit. It's in their interests to open up a new group of people to Queen's music and I think its a good film for people who don't really know them very well.
In terms of cinematography... I don't know what you were watching for the last 30 minutes. For me, that whole Live Aid section was incredible.
There was applause from some members of the audience in my theater too, but like you said, to each their own. This movie felt staged and fake. I liked the stadium scene too but it was out of place and came out of nowhere.
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