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Bohemian Rhapsody: A-
Just watched this- I thought it was really, really good. The performances by each of the four principle actors were fantastic- they absolutely nailed the nuances of the respective band members (and surely Rami Malek's portrayal of Freddie Mercury may warrant an Academy Award nomination). The star of this film is the music itself though, culminating in Queen's full 1985 performance at Live Aid. This film wasn't perfect; I don't want to watch it again in a hurry but I do want to break out a number of the Queen albums. Also, there seemed to be several frustrating inaccuracies with timelines that were obviously played around with in order to suit the overall narrative and ensure the running time fitted. This came across as a bit disingenuous for a music biopic closely produced by the remaining band members themselves.
Overall though, a damned fine movie that served to reminded me of how great a Fleetwood Mac biopic could one day be.
Edit: PS- I should have mentioned there's a lot of humour in this film. Though at times it deals with 'difficult' themes, the overall tone of the film is quite light.

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