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Originally Posted by paleshadow View Post
I really enjoyed it. I thought it was just as good as the first, and I absolutely hated Rob Zombies vision of it because he took away the mystery and almost made Michael someone you sympathized with. When I watched it I wondered if Laurie had only hugged him when he showed her the baby picture he had of her, would they have gone off someplace and been a happy family?

So without spoiling the new movie for anyone, do you think they'll do another or that this was it?
Because the movie only cost 10 million to make and it made about 80 million in its opening weekend, Iím sure there will be some type of sequel. Jamie Lee had a deal where she gets a chunk of the profits. Iím sure once she sees the paycheck, she will sign on. Itís also good for women over 55 to be able to open a movie.
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