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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
And if they do play it, one of two things will happen:
1) The put it in the middle of the set and half the audience shrugs and goes to take a leak or get more beer and it gets yanked out of the set after a few shows
2) They play it as the first song (a la 197-...6?) and half the audience shrugs but sits there with blank stares and it gets yanked out of the set after a few shows

The band ignored it's own past for so long that by now the vast majority of what has been cultivated as a Fleetwood Mac audience in 2018 doesn't even realize or care that there was other singers than Stevie, Chris, and he who shall not be named. I highly doubt they'd have the balls to keep a song in their set long term where they get no audience reaction or half of them use it as a beer run. Springsteen they are not.

The one interesting thing about this tour is going to be how much gets "yanked out" after the first few shows. I actually think the set list for this mini tour could move around a bit--they are going to try to dig into their gothic trunk of lost songs, which I actually think is cool--but the jukebox generation that is paying up for this isn't going to recognize the old stuff (pre S&L) and stuff will get dropped and rejiggered.

I for one don't think they should sing any of Lindsey's songs. I know Mick thinks you need to end the show with GYOW, but it will just call out the elephant in the room. I am sure they will keep it--but they shouldn't.
And I am sure Mick Fleetwood's all-star band will add DDIO and TPH tunes-
I also think Songbird will come and go throughout the tour, depending on the strength of Christine's voice (similar to OWTS--although I believe then the issue was a hand injury and she couldn't play piano?)
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