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Default confusing...

Boy, that was confusing. I just do not understand the comment "some seem upset Lindsey is a HAPPY FAMILY MAN now". I do not remember reading anything even remotely similar to that. Further, Mick was not whining to Ray Lindsey, he was discussing what Lindsey had said regarding the Ridley Scott/two bedroom apartment scenario. Lindsey was not making a whole lot of sense with that analogy and Mick was just pointing that out. Obviously money is important to Lindsey, did you see the new house she was having built? If LB was living in a two bedroom apartment and not having a several million dollar home built, his argument to Mick would have had some substance behind it. I understood what he was saying, I do "get him" but comparing the two was sort of laughable IMO. LB is a genius and without his vision this album would not be the gem it is, but he is a man full of contradictions!

"She has an exquisite femininity"......Lindsey
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