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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Stevie was a poet. Her talent was creating porous words and phrases that could be woven around your emotions and her voice could express those emotions. Even when she didnít write the words, her voice made them hers and lent meaning where none would otherwise exist.

As Lindsey said, she had an innate sense of rhythm. She knew when to start and when to stop. Itís not a small talent. Itís a great one and it is a genius of sorts.

But sheís always been a self-centered, ditzy, liar and the bad traits grew and overshadowed any good ones she once possessed. At the same time, her talent ebbed. Perhaps, the two things are connected. I donít say her abilities are completely gone. I thought the IYD album was largely a success and maybe sheís capable of more. But today, I look at her and see the same menace that devoured Dorian Gray on the inside, while his exterior remained unmarred.
Agreed, I have always seen her as a self absorbed ditz with borderline personality, it is even in the song lyrics. The giant ego and the ultimate firing of Buckingham actually are no surprise to me. But it doesn't hit me in the feels like it does many here.
I give up.
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