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Even before Ellen aired I knew I wasn’t going to hold it against them or even take the performance in consideration when judging this new band.

But I’m absolutely holding them accountable tonight so to speak With 5 To 5 songs there better be 1-2 outside the box or exciting choices. ANYTHING to prove that Mick is following thru on the one selling point he’s been peddling for this tour: “the opening up the set list with exciting possibilities.” Not what I “want” although I do but what Thwybhave literally been marketing this tour on.

If they had more then 3 songs to play and were ever doing a tour for a new album, they would danm well include one new song at least. Well this 50 year career spanning tour better fu**ing include all parts of the span tonight. Or else I give up on this line up and will see 3-4 Lindsey shows instead.

But I’ll forgive safe choices if they give a truly great performance and wait until opening night to actually judge this line up.
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