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Originally Posted by Ms Moose View Post
Yes, Mario - and thank you very much for saving it for posterity! -that sounds exactly like the bits of film I saw on Youtube. And yes, PG was wearing some kaftan-like blouse with a square neck and short sleeves, that is also on the cover of the Guitar Hero CD.

The film bit from in front of the house in Richmond seemed to me to be from around 1988, but I am not expert enough to be really sure. I must admit that watching it, I found it very wrong to film somebody/anybody (in this case PG) without their knowledge or consent, which was obviously the case here.

I wonder why some clips disappear from Youtube? A while back a clip of PG and Splintergroup from the ninetees - playing a version of Green Manalishi was taken of. It was not the version from the DVD "An Evening with...", and it was very good!
I don't quite understand which clips violate copyrights or whatever it is called in the music business, and which one that don't.

Who is this R. Jim Greaves?

Ms Moose
question I'm pretty sure clips disappear from Youtube for legal reasons;
I don't want to be involved in these delicate stuff, but PGO really rules Greeny's life.

question n.two: R.Jim Greaves is a blues expert and PG fan, who wrote the Greeny Sessionography for the first edition of the Martin Celmins book.

He currently writes for the montly magazine "Blues In Britain" and he is one who would be great to have at the Ledge Board!


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