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Originally Posted by Street_Dreamer View Post
I believe Mystified was originally a Lindsey song that he "handed over" to Christine because her vocals fit better, no? I remember him doing a solo demo of it.
I didn't know that, Matt, but that kind of makes sense and seems believable. Mystified is built on what they call a pentatonic (five-tone) scale. It's a musical scale that's redolent of Oriental music. Lindsey went through a pentatonic phase around this time: Make Me a Mask, the guitar opening of Surrender the Rain, and so on. There's lots of little pentatonic filigree all over Tango, including Mystified's essential figure, the big guitar+synth riff that opens Little Lies, bits of the Tango title song on the chorus, and You and I Part I. It's not that an entire song is pentatonic; it's more a case of patches of pentatonic harmony here and there (some of it very noticeable in terms of the song's character). Claude Debussy incorporated pentatonic harmony and figures in his music, in a very famous case of world influence in Western music. One of his Book 1 piano preludes, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair, would fit perfectly on Tango or Out of the Cradle with some lyrics added to it.
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