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Originally Posted by TylerMcCrudden View Post
I need to address this already cause i've seen people already throw up their arms over this:

she didn't mention 'Mr Useless' in association with his musical ability... only that at the time when they were poor and Stevie had to work multiple jobs and he worked on the music, he worked on the music cause the only thing he wasnt useless at at the time was their music...

so pull yourselves together before you attack her for calling him that because it has nothing to do with LB musical ability
I agree with you. I just watched that part again and detect no malice or nastiness in her words. It's just Stevie being Stevie with her dry sense of humour.
Things just get picked up on, and taken the wrong way. And Stevie is unfortunately the target of most of the vitriol on this board at the moment.

She's always praised Lindsey very highly with regards to his guitar playing and musical ability. I think she's just saying, in her own way, she couldn't see him doing anything else.
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