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Not sure if it's what you're all looking for, but I have a 2 disc set of TISL demos that I received about a month after TISL was released from one of my trading buddies. It contains the following:

Annabel Lee 5:09
Bombay Sapphires 4:56
Candlebright 5:37
Fall From Grace 5:38
Have No Heart 6:04 (one of my top 5 demos EVER!)
Love Changes 4:56
Love Is 5:06
Not Make Believe 5:14
Planets of the Universe 1 4:54
Planets of the Universe 2 4:34
Sorcerer 6:42
Space Needle 7:48
That Made Me Stronger 5:55
Thrown Down 1 4:45
Thrown Down 2 5:50
Trouble In Shangri-La 4:53

I can upload these if anyone needs them.
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