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Stevie sounds very bad to me on
Rock a Little, and I Sing for the Things, like she has been or is crying her eyes out. Those two vocals make my eyebrow twitch.

Lindsey sounds tight in his throat and strained in the beginning of his Twisted duet with Stevie. Funny, though, I still like it, because I can sense the tension and apprehension that must have been there, singing with her again after so many years especially after saying publicly he would never work with her again. He seems so tentative at first, then seems to relax and warm up to her towards the middle/end of the song, and that in itself is very sweet.

Christine doesn't really sound bad on the Dance video, but crap, she has the flattest expression on her face the whole time. I wish she would smile or at least ACT like she's having fun. She was much more animated in the previous years, so I guess I don't really like Christine's Dance stuff, because to me it is so obvious that she would rather be having a root canal. I know it must have been a drag to be a back drop for the Stevie&Lindsey Show. She shouldn't have felt that way, but I think alot of factors made her feel pushed aside, and it came out in her performances. I guess that's why she quit.
"I fought to prove something to her as well as to myself. You wonder what you gave up in order to prove that." Lindsey, in a joint 1997 interview from Stevie's house.
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