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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
Same. I wouldn't be happy if Stevie left because I want all of them in the band, but creatively she's doing way less than Lindsey. And she has her magnificent solo career, so rich and full of packed arenas. I certainly wouldn't miss her at all.
But of course Brits had to think with their bank accounts instead of with their hearts and minds. And talents.
Same here, I would miss Stevie, as I miss Lindsey.
I’m not a huge Stevie solo that aspect wouldn’t interest me.

But, the Brits I don’t really understand.
Mick we know is permanently broke so he goes where the money is, enough said.
John and Christine, I think must be so loyal to the brand Fleetwood Mac and more important to Mick. They took the decision to remain with Mick.
Bank accounts came into it but it’s more...we owe Mick our loyalty.

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