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Default Funny FM findings

Yesterday I was making the last Christmas presents errands with my best friend and at some point she suddenly started fidgeting because she had found this ludicrous book called "How To Spot A Hipster" and she was incredibly amused to find that it has an entire chapter of 2 pages devoted to Fleetwood Mac and apparently now I'm more hipster than a hipster.
Also last summer an unsettling hipster guy tried to hit on me, if he had discovered that I am a Fleetwood Mac fan I may not have found a way out. He had a bicycle, strange unheard music tastes (or so he thought), worked as a DJ and wore a vintage suit with longs sleeves and rolled-up pants in the heat of the summer. He also was eager to educate me about music; I've never run faster in my life.
However this is the magic of Christmas, finding Fleetwood Mac even on the hunt for the last presents with your BFF.

However Merry Christmas to you all!

"Last night I went out with a guy that didn't know Fleetwood Mac. At first I thought he was joking, but then he confirmed that he didn't know Fleetwood Mac, I swear on Fleetwood Mac that I've spurt out from that place forgotten by Fleetwood Mac before anyone could have said 'Fleetwood Mac'."

The official band of the modern hipster: Fleetwood Mac is a name that can't be used in vain and if someone did it, their words would fall on deaf ears. If the validity and value of art are generally considered subjective, Fleetwood Mac transcend this condition: they are inequivocally fantastic and whoever doesn't agree nor appreciates their music is none other than a pathetic Mary Mary quite contrary.
Never go into detail with a hipster about Fleetwood Mac. If they affirm that the band published only one album titled 'Rumours' it's better to leave them alone. If they talk about Stevie Nicks as a 'he' or describe the band's inner relationships as a homosexual love triangle, there's nothing you can say to make them change their mind. If you are part of the heartless portion of humanity you could ask a hipster to cite the lyrics of a song by Fleetwood Mac other than 'Dreams'... but noone is that cruel.

If a hipster is nearby, only use an enthusiastic tone to speak of Fleetwood Mac

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