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Originally Posted by shackin'up View Post
From what I hear from the clips, he has recorded/compiled a tailormade backingtrack for those rocksongs. I can live with that. I'm more worried about the acoustic setlist. I fear a remake of the last two tour's list..... No real surprises. BTW, I think he sang GYOW pretty poor... But he'll get better along the always...
Don't get me wrong, I really like the new style of Come with shaker percussion and overall lighter feel, but I just feel like it'd be weird watching him playing to a backing track on his own with the Model 1. If he played it that style with the band then I'd probably have been its biggest cheerleader (this is judging completely from that clip of the solo/end that we have). If he has to play along with backing tracks at least it's not just a recording of Walfredo, Neale and Brett and the arrangement is something different.

Give me a day or two to hear more videos and I'll maybe re-evaluate and end up loving it (and if he made the loops live I'd flip with excitement) but I was just really hoping for a real all acoustic (or, at least, single guitar) tour.
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