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Originally Posted by Netter75 View Post
Except for the '87 Mac tour! Rhiannon and Gypsy were dropped after the first show or two and Landslide didn't appear at all... actually kind of amazing. Her only mainstays were Dreams and Gold Dust Woman.

Probably the most novel post-Rumours setlist, with her only doing one new song (Seven Wonders), two solo carryovers (Stand Back, HAEWAFY), and a co-lead on one oldie (Don't Let Me Down Again).
Totally fair point and thank you for flagging. I totally forgot about "that era" LOL. I don't know she would do it again though. I was kind of psyched "Gypsy" wasn't in this initial set list for the tour.....thought there might be "hope" to leave it out and maybe drop one of the other 2...but alas!
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