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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
If you read between the lines, like on a second grade level, it’s obvious that Lindsey’s insistence on prerecords was an issue within the band.
if you read the actual lines (while try not to be patronizing to others!), nowhere does it say lindsey *insisted* on the pre-records. yes, he used them, and yes sometimes it's annoying. but that he insisted? and to the point - either pre-records stay or he goes? p l e a s e.

sounds like Taku's info about that came from Stevie. and we know she's all about never trashing Lindsey.

and, how is now Lindsey's fault if Mick didn't want a percussionist over the years? Lindsey didn't really want backup singers in FM as far as we can tell, yet they were always there.

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