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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
Seriously…. how many times Lindsey has said to many of us during his M&G (including you and me) that "it was all Stevie"?

Next thing we know, Lori and Sharon were the reason Lindsey was fired….
Yeah, it was specifically because Stevie wanted Taku on tour.

I highly doubt Lindsey didn't want Taku on the band. Stevie herself said "she didn't want to be on the same stage with Lindsey anymore", hence she made Mick fired him. Were Taku fit in all this, I have no idea. But hey, it was fun!
If you read between the lines, like on a second grade level, it’s obvious that Lindsey’s insistence on prerecords was an issue within the band. Moreover, it suggests that the decision to oust Lindsey was made prior to MusiCares.
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