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Originally Posted by secret love View Post
Was the On with the Show Tour a fitting farewell? I saw them in Sydney and they were fantastic. The only thing missing was new music.

What they are doing now is not a fitting farewell. It is still something I want to see and experience but it is not a farewell.
I guess OWTS has to be. And a much more fitting name to a farewell tour versus “ An Evening wit Fleetwood Mac” They did more press and publicity around it. Yes we know why they aren’t doing it now. Although lawsuit is settled so I am definitely curious now if they can pull up their big boy and big girl pants and go out and publicize it. If they are so proud of this version of the band, nothing to stop them now from getting out there and talking about it. Will they play the “Today” show when they are in NYC in a few months....time will tell.
If this was a true and proper farewell, I would expect a lot more hype. Seems like this tour is just getting swept under the rug

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